This journey more than 15 years in the making resulted from countless trips to uniform scrub shops which our founders always considered way inconvenient. The stores are a mess, there’s no details about the features of each brand, and you can never find exactly what you want. Our family of nurses and a medical manufacturing professional realized there has to be a better way to buy scrubs. 

Online scrub shopping is a gamble, you can’t try anything on and nothing quite fits like it looks on the models, not to mention the added hassle of returns and exchanges. Finding scrubs that fit you and your job is hard with the online shops and their trim models vanity sizing. We aren’t all built the same and we require scrubs that blend with our work flow. Bending, reaching, lifting, doing chest compressions, your scrubs should move with you without having to worry about looking like a plumber or showing off your well loved work undies. Our family has nurses of all shapes and sizes, so we compared our scrubs and honed in on what we liked most about each brand and started sketching out what we would want! Extra fabric at the waist band, more room around the chest to keep Victoria’s Secret and prevent sneak peeks while you’re checking chest tube outputs, along with some extra space in the arms to allow circulation while you’re hauling patients to the chair! These design elements will work for everyone, whether you’re delivering babies, bonding over a code brown, or mobilizing patients out of bed, our SmartFit Scrubs will perform to move with you and look great. We take the chore out of scrub shopping by assigning you a Scrub Concierge who will take in your info about preferred sizing and job functions and get the ideal scrubs sent directly to your doorstep every quarter. In your quarterly subscription box will also include essentials like compression socks, protein loaded specialty coffee, or some honey hand healing balm to get you through your shift and indulge in at home. The Medtthreads Box has everything you need to be ready for work, let us pamper you with the essentials for your job, you deserve it!


A new, sustainable way to support healthcare workers with the essentials to care their best


Pamper yourself or take care of the nurse you love with a gift of essentials and self care goodies.


Be a part of the Medthreads community of healthcare workers who are working as hard as you do and have realized how fun and easy getting scrubs and essentials can be!

MAY 6-12, 2021

Nurse Appreciation Week!

Show how much you care for those who care every day.


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