Medical Missions

Our Story

MedThreads was created to meet the needs of nurses and healthcare workers by a medical supply executive inspired by his wife and other family members in the healthcare industry. The problem was clear—shopping for scrubs was a chore. Between limited styles and brick-and-mortar uniform stores, scrubs are essential for essential workers in the healthcare fields. However, the experience of shopping for scrubs was frustrating and tedious. So, the problem was solved with a new way to get all of the essentials—scrubs and more—in a quarterly subscription box. But that wasn’t enough, there was clearly room for improvement with scrubs themselves. SmartFit Scrubs® were designed specifically for MedThreads. With better features and better fits, they are unique to MedThreads and can only be purchased with a MedThreads subscription. They are also consciously manufactured and give back to the community in more ways than one.  

Scrubs you feel good in and feel good about!

Our Impact

SmartFit Scrubs that are included in all of the MedThreads Subscription boxes are consciously manufactured in San Pedro Guatemala.Our manufacturer respects both people and planet.  Better manufacturing facility. Better for our customers, Better for our employees, Better quality apparel and Better for the environment. They are committed to only having full-time, permanent employees earning a living wage. They are working towards their WRAP certification WRAP (Worldwide Accredited Responsible Production). They could have gone for Fair Trade or one of the other certifications, but WRAP is the most comprehensive and hardest to get as it is the best. And the fabric used for our scrubs is sourced fiber from sustainable, traceable sources. And to further to reduce the carbon footprint our fabric is custom-made—from spun yarn to knitting to dying and finishing—locally. The facility is equipped with environmentally responsible equipment that reduces the quantity of water needs, and utilizes fabric scraps more effectively. Fabric scraps are used to create mats and blankets that are donated to nonprofits to get them to people who need them.  SmartFit Scrubs make a significant positive impact on the people’s lives who make them, the environment, and the community. 


MAY 6-12, 2021

Nurse Appreciation Week!

Show how much you care for those who care every day.


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